"We were so impressed by the progress our daughter made after she started with Yukimi.  Our daughter’s note reading, theory, and overall musicality improved significantly.  The more and faster our daughter progressed, the more she wanted to practice and she now loves the piano.  Yukimi is a serious, skilled, and comprehensive piano teacher who covers sight reading, scales, theory, technique, and harmony.  She employs practical strategies to make practicing fun and she motivates our daughter by truly believing in her ability to tackle and overcome challenges each week.  In addition, outside of lessons, Yukimi continued to foster a love of piano by encouraging her students to join her at performances and piano competitions.  We attended a performance/competition last year, and our daughter enjoyed it very much."

Haynee & Brian

New York, NY

"Yukimi has been a transformational teacher for our daughter, who started studying piano at age 6 and is now almost 14. Yukimi has imparted a love of the piano and a commitment to developing musicianship. We learned early on that Yukimi is devoted to her students and that she will take them as far as they wish to go, matching their effort dedication along the way.

She is kind, loving, practical and quite tough. This creates a rigor and discipline in her students. Yukimi also inspires by example; when we first heard her play, we were awestruck! We feel extremely fortunate to have found such a special teacher."

Laurie & Josh

New York, NY

"I have studied under Yukimi for three years (during my LaGuardia years and this summer), and I can say confidently that my skills have grown tremendously from her. I learned skills and literature that I thought were never possible to accomplish. From the first day that I sat down at a piano in front of her in the fall of 2011, I could tell that my journey as a musician was going to flourish and that I was going to be pushed to the maximum. I needed someone who could push me and motivate me to bring out the best pianist in me, and she was the best teacher.


The benefits of the tough love and disciplined training that I have received from Yukimi over the past few years are ineffable. Some teachers teach with half a heart, some teach even with absolutely NO heart; however, Yukimi taught me with full presence and heart. She taught me more than just how to play the piano—she taught me about learning, about expressing, and about LIFE. Of course, her tips and methods are priceless. She never ceases to amaze me with her piano skills; every time I see and hear her play in performances and demonstrations, it gives me the motivation and inspiration that I need to perform whole-heartedly and musically. I would not be where I am today without her effort and love."


University of Rochester on the pre-med track

"We have been very happy with our daughter's lessons and growing relationship with Yukimi. She's a knowledgeable and patient teacher who is very much attuned to whom your child is and tailors her approach accordingly. My daughter thoroughly enjoys her lessons and practicing, and when asked about Yukimi, put it best: 'She's just awesome.'"


New York, NY

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We will travel to bring fun, educational piano lessons to you in Manhattan and Brooklyn from Mondays to Fridays. And on the weekends, we are open for students who are willing to travel to our studio in Brooklyn for lessons with lower rates! 

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